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The American Jobs Plan Meets Our American Moment

The American Jobs Plan Meets Our American Moment

WASHINGTON, DC — The following statement was issued by James T. Callahan, General President of the International Union of Operating Engineers, on President Biden’s American Jobs Plan:

“There are moments in American history where we find the courage and determination to overcome national challenges and work together to build a better future. Today, as we begin to emerge from a raging pandemic and record unemployment, the roadmap to recovery laid out in President Biden’s American Jobs Plan certainly meets our moment.

At its core is a bold infrastructure plan that will rebuild our roads and rails, fortify our power grid, grow renewable energy markets, expand high-speed Internet, modernize our schools, and deliver clean drinking water to every community. In addition, by connecting prevailing wages and labor standards to the jobs created, the proposal will help drive a just economic recovery for America’s working families.

Bold plans require big investments, but history shows that infrastructure spending is the best return on investment we can make as a country. The plan’s job creating potential alone – 1 million jobs for every $100 billion – will pay mortgages, buy groceries, purchase medicines and spur economic growth throughout the country. Rolling back corporate tax giveaways to fund the plan asks those who directly profit from American-made infrastructure to invest in its success.

The working men and women of the International Union of Operating Engineers stand squarely behind the American Jobs Plan and support its swift passage in Congress. It is time for lawmakers to do their job so we can do ours – rebuilding America. Let’s get to work!”