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Review of anti-prevailing wage ballot petition reveals signature shortfall

Review of anti-prevailing wage ballot petition reveals signature shortfall

Examination of more than 4,000 signatures finds there are not enough valid signatures to place a repeal on the ballot


LANSING – A thorough, independent review shows there are not enough signatures to place a petition to repeal Michigan’s prevailing wage law on the ballot, according to organizations representing Michigan’s skilled trades. The challenge was submitted following a review of the 4,443 signatures in the random sample released by the Bureau of Elections. The review found the sample falls 361 signatures short of the 2,954 valid signatures required for certification.

“The sheer number of invalid signatures submitted by Protecting Michigan Taxpayers makes it no surprise that the organization fought so hard last month to avoid a larger sample,” said Geno Alessandrini, Business Manager for the Michigan Laborers Union. “This dangerous proposal from Lansing insiders to repeal Michigan’s prevailing wage law is irresponsible and would devastate Michigan’s skilled workforce and economic recovery.”

The 4,443-signature sample was made public on Jan. 31 after the Michigan Board of Canvassers voted in favor of pulling a second, larger sample of petition signatures at their Jan. 30 meeting. The Board acted on the recommendation of the Bureau of Elections after review of an initial, smaller sample returned insufficient signatures to certify.

“This petition represents yet another sloppy attempt by a shady organization to force their agenda onto the ballot,” said Douglas W. Stockwell, Business Manager for Operating Engineers 324. “We encourage the Bureau of Elections to scrutinize the challenged signatures and throw this proposal in the trash where it belongs.”

In 2015, barely half of the 388,000 signatures Protecting Michigan Taxpayers submitted to place a proposal to repeal the prevailing wage on the ballot were found to be valid.