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Operating Engineers 324 Wins Fair Contract from Advanced Disposal

Operating Engineers 324 Wins Fair Contract from Advanced Disposal

Workers End Successful Strike Against Northville Waste Disposal Company

NORTHVILLE –– After less than a week on strike at Advanced Disposal, the full-time workers represented by Operating Engineers 324 won a 3-year contract on Friday. Operators at the landfill, which is the largest in Michigan by volume, stood together for pay and benefits commensurate to workers at other Southeast Michigan facilities. As a result of the agreement, they ended their strike.

Workers overwhelmingly voted to unionize in August 2016. OE 324 has been negotiating a contract with the Florida-based company for a year. After little progress and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled against Advance Disposal for unfair labor practices, workers voted to go on strike.

The new contract includes pay increases that will bring compensation in line with other landfill workers, as will as significant improvements in working conditions and health care coverage. As a result of winning concessions, workers will finally be in a position to plan for retirement, something not previously possible.

“We are very pleased with this important win for our members. All our members wanted was a fair contract that valued their service to thousands of customers and was in line with other landfills in metro Detroit,” said Douglas Stockwell, Operating Engineers 324 Business Manager and General Vice-President. “Their strike victory, which came after a year of contract negotiations, company pushback and a strike shows how much workers can win if they stick together. This new contract will benefit both workers and the company and allows our dedicated members to get back to serving thousands of Southeast Michigan families.”

Workers will be back on the job on immediately.

“Nobody works harder than the landfill operators at Advanced Disposal and they deserve the fair contract that they’ve won. I’m proud that they joined together to fight for what was right during the strike, even sacrificing the health care that their families depend on. This new contract finally pays workers like the professionals that they are and gives them the respect they deserve,” said Tom Scott, Operating Engineers 324 Business Representative.