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Operating Engineers 324 Statement on Closure of Detroit Renewable Power

We are extremely disappointed that Detroit Renewable Energy has chosen to shutter their Detroit facility without warning and eliminate the jobs of 150 hard working skilled employees. This decision is short-sighted, and eliminates a source of renewable energy important to the future of the region. More importantly, it eliminates good paying jobs for skilled professionals – many of them Detroit residents – and the tax base that comes with them. These employees worked tirelessly to generate the clean energy that serves many of Detroit’s most important buildings. They deserve better treatment than what they have received today.

It is also disturbing that there are so many that would celebrate this decision without thought or care for these workers, their families, or the tax revenue this facility provided the city of Detroit. The future jobs of these professionals should be of more pressing importance than thoughts about the future of the land their lost jobs sit on.

Operating Engineers 324 will be working to find new employment for these members.