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Operating Engineers 324 on WJR AM-760’s Building Michigan Show – December 15, 2020

On December 15, WJR’s Building Michigan show talked to some special apprentices and their instructors.  First, they spoke to the Michigan Apprenticeship Steering Committee Construction Apprentice of the Year and OE324 Journeyperson Danielle Athey, and OE324 Apprenticeship Coordinator Mark Zinser.

They also talked to OE324 Stationary Engineer Apprentice Doug Hilburn and Instructor Dennis Mowbray, both of whom work at Detroit Metro Airport.

OE 324 is proud of their community partnerships, so they were joined by some very special people who work for two of them.  Shell Jones is a parent, and the founder of the Play-Place Autism and Special Needs Center, and Lisa Marie Rodriguez of the Urban Neighborhood Initiative right here in Detroit. They explained a little bit about what their organizations are doing for the community.

Finally, OE324 Business Representative Chris Phillips and Communications Director Dan McKernan discussed all the work taking place in and around the city, and the landmarks going up we will be talking about – and seeing – for years to come.

Listen below!