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OE324 Notice regarding Michigan “Stay-At-Home” Order

OE324 Notice regarding Michigan “Stay-At-Home” Order

Today, Governor Whitmer announced the signing of Executive Order 2020-21, which orders that the majority of Michigan residents remain in their homes temporarily (three weeks), unless carrying out tasks necessary for sustaining or protecting life.  For those working in those “critical infrastructure” fields (which include Energy, Healthcare & Public Health, Food & Agriculture, Public Works, and Workers to Maintain Building Functions), they are asked to limit travel to and from work, and to maintain health and public safety best practices.  Workers providing critical union functions, like health and welfare fund administrators, are also exempt.  This means OE324 will remain open to answer any questions you may have pertaining to your Fringe Benefits.

These rules have been put into effect to limit the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and are to take effect at midnight tonight (3/23/2020).

Many of our jobs as Operating Engineers fall under these definitions of “Critical Infrastructure.”  Check with your employer to see if you fall into one of these protected categories.  Please note – IF YOU ARE TEMPORARILY LAID-OFF, INFORM THE OUT-OF-WORK LIST IMMEDIATELY.  This will ensure that you can receive applicable unemployment benefits, and can help us fill other jobs that are necessary during this crisis.

You can find the Executive Order here – – and the Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure list here –